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Misunderstandings about Spiritual Cultivation

Here is another section from the book Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue.

Spiritual cultivation is a kind of compassion, which should be a state of joy.

If a practitioner feels weaker and more decrepit as he practices more, he is very likely not to have cultivated in the base chakra; therefore, the more he practices, the less happy he will become and the more pain he will suffer. Some people may argue that since spiritual cultivation is a kind of compassion, it should be a state of joy; however, won’t his compassion add more pain to his life? For example, seeing the toasted duck in a restaurant, a man might say, ‘Oh, poor duck…’ This scene can give him great pain. In addition, he may tend to judge or examine his life in terms of whether something is an armavarana or not, good or evil, right or wrong, but this is not a somber, intelligent or ever-growing state of being, and therefore not a mainstream practice. We should put more emphasis on cultivation in the pingalanadi.

Another kind of cultivation is performed in the idanadi. Any practitioner who is not concerned with the present lives in the future. Both his body and heart are full of love and compassion. When he focuses on the idanadi, he does not care about his life but, rather, he is filled with love and compassion, paying no attention to his actual life, regardless of whether he is rich, happy or otherwise. He who concentrates on the idanadi lives in love and compassion.

Now on this planet, the right way is to focus on the cultivation at the shushumnanadiin. The reason is that we must conduct our spiritual practice at the ethereal level.  As in the case of this book of mine, I am also communicating with readers at the ethereal level; otherwise, how can it affect readers’ behaviors?

You probably understand all these ideas. That being the case, let’s begin to change by making an experiment at the level of the energy-body, and inputting this information directly to your sub-consciousness.

What is the relationship between our body and energy-body? If the seven chakras are like so many buttons, our body and energy-body are fastened together with them. They are the seven chakras. This is just an analogy; in fact, there are no buttons, though they seem to be linked at the central space. If you want energy to nurture your body as well as the material world, you simply have to pursue spiritual cultivation in the shushumna nadi. Moreover, only by so doing can you achieve certain height, since neither the pingala nadi nor the ida nadi has that height.

The shushumna nadi is the pathway linked to the cosmic energy. Let us connect ourselves to energy so that it can nurture our body as well as the material world.

Life itself is a spiritual cultivation. The purpose of our spiritual cultivation is to remain joyful, grateful, compassionate, ascendant and happy when we undergo various events.

You are wrong if you feel painful because of a given event! However, it is okay if, for example, some of you can get a sense of compassion by refusing to kill. This feeling of compassion can create a frequency of peace for you. If someone considers killing a crime to be vehemently condemned, then his refusal to kill will give him more pain. As a result, his experience will not facilitate any true growth. All of us should find a feeling that can offer us calmness, peace, joy and fun.

Life is a spiritual cultivation, which means to integrate every experience into our feeling of joy.

We are not trying to obtain divinity far beyond our lives; rather, we are bringing divinity to our lives! In your movement and speech as well as every other aspect of life, you will see love, compassion, abundance and peace in addition to that beautiful divinity and light! You will become a channel through which divinity flows out fluently to nurture yourself and others as well! This is the very nature of spiritual cultivation!

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The Purpose of Spiritual Cultivation

This is a chapter from the book Create Abundance by Zhang Xinuye.

How do you understand spiritual cultivation? The practitioner should look young, energetic, hale and hearty. The best kind of practice should enable the practitioner to become increasingly stronger, healthier and more vigorous, and to live longer as he practices more. This is how the practice should make you feel. Such influential force is one and the same as your vitality, rather than anything aggressive. It is neither the kind of pride that offends others, nor a hardened feeling.

Zhang Xinyue discusses Modifying your Nerve Chains

Modifying your Nerve Chains


In her book, Create Abundance, Zhang Xinyue, teaches us use brain images to articulate feelings. She explains how we can use just a few words to create powerful images if we choose the right words. She teaches us to alter the way we think about certain topics.