This is a chapter from the book Create Abundance by Zhang Xinuye.

How do you understand spiritual cultivation? The practitioner should look young, energetic, hale and hearty. The best kind of practice should enable the practitioner to become increasingly stronger, healthier and more vigorous, and to live longer as he practices more. This is how the practice should make you feel. Such influential force is one and the same as your vitality, rather than anything aggressive. It is neither the kind of pride that offends others, nor a hardened feeling.

The more you practice, the more keenly aware of your own being, the more influential, the more confident, the healthier and the richer you should become. Spiritual cultivation is a kind of compassion, which should be a joyful modality. For instance, when you see Master Jingkong or recall his image, you will describe him as ‘vigorous and open-hearted’ rather than ‘dispirited.’ Then, how does it look, the path leading us to abundance? The most ancient and classic literature has mentioned the kind of person who can contribute significantly to the human society: a truly wise man who keeps practicing religious virtues, protects worldly wealth and welcomes pleasant sensational experiences will succeed in all his pursuits, thus making great contributions to the human race. First and foremost, you must adhere to your faith; then, you should pay attention to materialistic wealth and know how to enjoy pleasurable experiences offered by your physical senses. Acceptable, complete, such is what spiritual practice is originally meant for you to be. In other words, there is no conflict between faith and abundance. If you live a life of abundance, it indicates that your practice is on the right track. External abundance is a close reflection of your inner abundance, isn’t it!

Abundance can be divided into four levels. First, earn money through work; second, make money – this is a great process, in which you can connect to many channels or opportunities; third, let money come to you, and you will feel as if the whole world is approaching you; fourth, spend money. What do you think Bill Gates’ main job is now? It’s spending money!

Don’t say spiritual cultivation and physical abundance are in conflict; in fact, abundance is the material result of spiritual cultivation.